Monday 7 July 2014

Robotic Precision

When it comes to robotics, it is ALL about precision. In my illustrated childrens book The Perfect Round, Kele is a "black ops synth" (synthetic biped robot) who possesses incredibly precise instrumentation and capabilities. This enables him to play the truly perfect round of golf - 18 strokes for 18 holes - as only a robot can.

Due to his extremely delicate sensors, it's absolutely forbidden for Kele to make contact with any organic surface, any living person or any unknown external electronic device. His advanced technology must never to be exposed, corrupted, contaminated or revealed to anyone outside the lab. In terms of monetary value, Kele is truly priceless. Worth billions of dollars in research and unique micro-ware, he possesses an unparalleled array of custom integrated, electronic chips, circuits and processors.  Kele's suit is a combination of carbon fibre, diamond particles and titanium thread to form a single, seamless surface for detecting micro-measurements in air pressure, air temperature, wind velocity, water vapour and molecular suspension density. Around his head is an array of microdish antennae to scan and record data in 360 degrees. Combined with his suit and goggles, he represents the most accurate measuring technology ever created by human science. The goggles are capable of displaying thousands of data representations while also performing a visual point of view to give Kele a sense of sight. 

There is almost no limit to his processing power. His potential, however, is still unproven, virtually untested and mostly theoretical. That's because Kele is a character in a story. For an awe-inspiring,  actual look inside at how robotics works, here is an absolutely amazing video featuring extreme rapid packaging, material handling (including hazardous), precise assembly, heavy load capacity and my favourite - precise robotic welding. You can also visit if you are interested in talking to an engineer or investigating the world of robotic material handling.

It is so incredible to witness this vision of the future of manufacturing. Robots can do it ALL better and faster. Here is also a link to a story in Wired about the Tesla Robotic Factory. Watching the seats get placed inside the car is really impressive. The same robot can also turn around and switch tools and place the windshield into the car as well. Material-Robotics has a great catchphrase, "a lot changes when you take the 'man' out of manufacturing." They bring perfection to precision. 

. . . and that is precisely what Kele does on the golf course.

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